Favorite Books

: mr china
mr china
You Must Read This Book. Find out why Warren Buffet asys "there is a fool in every market and if you don't know who it is, it is probably you." How to lose big money investing in China.

Malcolm Gladwell: Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Lewis: Moneyball
I love this book, not because it is necessary 100% accurate, but rather because it raises the idea that you should challenge traditional thinking in any field or business. It also suggests that emotions and established paradigms can lead to sub-par decision making. Look in the numbers for the truth.

Donald T. Phillips: Leading with the Heart : Coach K's Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life

Richard Brodie: Virus of the Mind:: The New Science of the Meme
Virus of the Mind:: The New Science of the Meme
One of my favorite books. Covers the concept of idea propagation. Author hails from Microsoft, one of the best companies ever when it comes to message proliferation. If you need to “spread the word” you need this book.

Collins: Good To Great
Good To Great
The master strikes again. Collins is the only business author that focuses on what to do right instead of what people are doing wrong. Business is hard, and Collins knows it. Level 5 leadership is an accurate and powerful concept.

Burton G. Malkiel: A Random Walk Down Wall Street Seventh Edition
A Random Walk Down Wall Street Seventh Edition
The book everyone should read before they even think about personal investing. Don’t buy a single stock until you have read this book. It is the single most important book on personal wealth management ever written.

Waldrop: Complexity
This is unquestionably my favorite book I have ever read. It completely changed the way I think about the world – business, technology, evolution, you name it. Even though it was written years ago, I highly recommend it to all.


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